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All of the below courses are available in varied lengths, based on your needs. Whether you need an hour, a day, or a weekend, Bob can provide these classes as stand-alones, or as part of your festival, market, or conference. Contact Bob directly to arrange your course!


For 15 years, in nearly 10 countries, at more than 20 different conferences, festivals, and markets, Bob has helped writers overcome their fear of pitching. With his simple process, Bob helps remove the fear of the unknown that stands between writers and a good pitch. You will leave the class able to pitch your script in less than a minute, leaving plenty of time for the producer/agent/director/actor you are pitching to get to know you… and for you to get to know them as well.

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A satisfying story might be structured in any number of ways, according to any number of templates or following a writer’s instincts. But it all boils down to doing two things effectively: 1) Set ‘em up. 2) Pay ‘em off. In this class, Bob will guide you through turning your focus INWARD on your story for solutions. Setting up story beats effectively, with inevitable and surprising payoffs is the key to a tight, satisfying narrative.

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theme: the soul of your script

With all the focus on what to write and how to write, Theme strikes directly at WHY we write. Characters, structure, plot, symbolism, arcs, subtext… they are all tools at your disposal to explore your theme.

Are you sure your script says what you want to say? What is the message you are leaving the world when you put your writing out there?

Through a series of writing exercises and personal exploration, students will learn techniques and process to be sure that their stories are effectively serving their one true purpose: to enrich the audience.

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Existing Intellectual Property is the surest road to screenwriting success. Novels and plays are good, but they lack the visual element that makes a movie/television show different from other written materials. In this hands-on workshop, writers will be guided through the process of transforming their screenplays into comic books. The refocusing of the writer’s energy usually results in improvements to the screenplay as well. In the weekend-long version of this course, writers will finish with a completed graphic novel script, ready to be illustrated.

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Commanding dragons, becoming a faceless assassin, and psychic possession of animals might not be the kind of day-to-day experience we’re all used to, but the success of fantastic stories set in outlandish worlds can’t be handwaved away with an attitude of “that seems cool.” Even more than in stories set in familiar surroundings, Fantasy and Sci-Fi require a grounding in emotional reality through its characters and themes.

(Note: This class can also be adapted for other popular projects: STAR WARS, STAR TREK, THE HANDMAIDS’ TALE, and a variety of horror franchises as well).

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For all the talk of structure and beats and page counts, the bottom line for a successful script is making the reader FEEL something. Strong emotions beget strong emotions. In this class, Bob will help you access the four sources within yourself that will make your audience eager to turn the page and read more.

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clarify your characters

Characters drive story. They are our guide through the plot, the themes, the messages, and the amazing events that will make your audience say wow. Any good movie or TV show starts with the character.

How do you avoid cliché on your way to a character that will appeal to readers, viewers, actors and directors?

In this hands-on workshop, students will take part in exercises designed to allow your characters to bloom into fully-formed people.

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