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With more than two decades of experience as an instructor, pitch consultant, script reader, and screenwriter, Bob Schultz has helped writers from all over the world find the greatness in their ideas and stories. Are you ready to take the next step and fulfill your writing ambitions? I’m here to help.



Script Notes

A detailed report on your script, where it needs to improve, and where you are nailing it. CLICK HERE.

script formatting

You provide the creativity. Slugline provides the structure and formatting. CLICK HERE.

pitch development

Pitching intimidates almost every new writer. Let Bob help you become an expert in this critical skill for any writer. CLICK HERE.


Whether you are a writer, an instructor, or a conference coordinator, Slugline has the coursework you need. CLICK HERE.


Your idea. Bob’s experience. In six weeks, you will have a first draft, well on your way to seeing your concept on the screen. CLICK HERE.

private tutoring

One-on-one consultation and coaching to address your specific weaknesses and strengths. CLICK HERE.


It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.
— Jack Kerouac


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